Why Electrical Safety Audit?

Electricity is boon for mankind. Electricity is good servant but Bad Master. It makes human life very easy & comfortable but it can prove to be very dangerous if circuits are not properly protected. Electricity constitutes one of the major sources of ignition for fire accidents and explosions.Over 20% of fire world wide and 40% fire in India are due to faulty electric circuits.Besides equipment damage and property loss, electrical hazards also include injuries and fatalities to personnel due to electric shock. Electricity having become an indispensable part of our life, electrical risks is to be managed effectively.

The following hazards are within the use of Electricity:

    A. Primary hazards
    a. Electrical shock
    b. Burns
    c. Fire and explosion: Spark and Static electricity
    B. Secondary Hazards (Involuntary reflex action)
    a. Persons falling from height
    b. Dropping of tools and object
    Besides equipment damage and property loss, electrical hazards may lead to injuries and fatalities to personnel due to electric shock and burns. Hence electrical safety audit is very important.

Why Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation?

• Continuous Increase in Cost of Energy
There is increase of 100 to 300% in cost of energy in last 6 year.
• Depleting sources of primary energy like Coal, Oil, and Natural Gas
World oil & Gas reserves are estimated to last for just 45 years and 65 year respectively
• Continuous Increase in Demand of Energy
Due to Industrialization & Improvement in standard of living there is continuous increase in demand of Energy
• Increased Competition due to Liberalization and Globalization
This has driven to corporate world to adopt and implement various cost cutting and quality improvement measures. Energy cost is very significant cost in economy of most of the industries, utilities and service sector. Energy contributes a significant part of operational costs across the globe, as high as 30% in many process industries.
• Environmental issue
Adverse impact of increase in energy production and consumption on the environment, particularly climate change arising from greenhouse gas emissions.
• Scope of 5% to 20% saving in energy cost even in professionally managed organization.
Our Experience shows that even in the most professionally - Managed Companies it is possible to Save 5 to 20% Energy - Cost with very, very attractive payback period. It is mostly possible by better operating practices, up gradation in instrumentation & control system, modification in inefficient plant & also technical up gradation etc. Energy conservation in existing facilities helps control costs and can be used to finance equipment replacements. In this context, to serve the Industries, utilities and service sector, through better and viable energy cost cutting technologies and measures, Saurabh Engineering Services has been established. Because......
The first Step
To conserve energy is,
To conduct an Energy Audit of Plant / Building.

Why Earth Resistance Measurements?

The faults in any electrical system are unavoidable. Every Electrical Equipment, appliance system must be earthed or grounded to obtain a low resistance path for dissipation of current into the earth. Earthing plays an importance role in Electrical system for safe and proper operation of any electrical installation. Our experience shows that, earthing is generally neglected area of electrical installation, as operation of system is not immediately stopped due to poor earthing. In the field, the condition of earthing is generally poor. Normally earth resistance, leakage current is not measured either because of prevailing tedious and time consuming method or due to the lack of availability of handy instrument, this negligence may lead to complex problem.
Failure & Problem in Earthing may lead to
1) Electrical Shock
2) Electrical fire
3) Over voltage
4) Equipment Failures & malfunction, Specially in Computers, Electronics equipments& motors
Hence monitoring of earthing system through measurement of equipment wise earth resistance measurement and correcting the same wherever necessary, will avoid above problems.

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