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Electrical Safety Audit

Electricity is boon for mankind. Electricity is good servant but Bad Master. It makes human life very easy & comfortable but it can prove to be very dangerous if circuits are not properly protected. Electricity constitutes one of the major sources of ignition for fire accidents and explosions.Over 20% of fire world wide and 40% fire in India are due to faulty electric circuits.Besides equipment damage and property loss, electrical hazards also include injuries and fatalities to personnel due to electric shock. Electricity having become an indispensable part of our life, electrical risks is to be managed effectively.Electrical Safety Audit, in Brief covers

The objective of safety audit is to:
  • Inspection of electrical equipment’s& panels based on Indian Electricity Rules, 1956, Electricity Act 2003 & CEA Regulations 2010,National Electric Code-2011
  • Evaluation of earthing system (installation and maintenance) in the plant based on IS 3043 and to suggest recommendations.
  • Verification of statutory compliance and approvals with respect to Indian Electricity rules and other statutory / mandatory requirement
  • Study of Electrical Fire Hazards,System & Human Safety
  • Review of Electrical Protection System and Electrical Preventive Maintenance Practices and Permit system
  • Review of Competency and Adequacy of Electrical Personnel
  • Inspection and review of electrical installation as per applicable IS and standard engineering practices. Detailed scope will be decided depending on size and nature of installation

Comprehensive Energy Audit for Industries / Commercial Buildings /Complexes etc,

Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation is essential due to,
  • Continuous Increase in Cost of Energy
  • Depleting sources of primary energy like Coal, Oil, and Natural Gas
  • Continuous Increase in Demand of Energy
  • Increased Competition due to Liberalization and Globalization
  • Environmental issue
  • Scope of 5% to 20% saving in energy cost even in professionally managed organization.

Besides equipment damage and property loss, electrical hazards may lead to injuries and fatalities to personnel due to electric shock and burns. Hence electrical safety audit is very important.

Energy Audit in Brief covers

Electrical Systems comprising the Electrical Substations, Electrical Bill analysis, Electrical Demand, Transformer loading practices, Power Factor Management, Incoming Voltage Conditions and Distribution losses and Harmonics.
  • Electric Motor & Drives
  • Lighting
  • Air-Conditioning System
  • Pumping System
  • Fans & Blowers
  • Study of Standby Power Supply DG set
  • Renewable Energy Detailed scope will be decided depending on size and nature of installation
  • Power Quality Audit

    Power quality is of major concern to all types of industries and commercial buildings, Data Centers, especially those operating with critical machinery and equipment. Poor Power quality leads to problems of Voltage Sag, Voltage Swell, Voltage Spike, Harmonic distortion, Voltage Unbalance…..etc. This in turn into leads to major problems like break-downs, erratic behavior of equipment, production interruptions, excess energy consumption etc. Power Quality Audit in Brief covers
    • Study of System Voltage RMS
    • Study of System Current RMS
    • Study of Active & Reactive Power
    • Study of Harmonics Limit as per IEEE519
    • Power Network System Measurements and Data Collection
    • Study of voltage Harmonics upto 50th Order Harmonics
    • Study of Current Harmonics upto 50th Order Harmonics
    • Study of THD in Electrical System.
    • Study of K Factor, Crest Factor
    • Online measurement of the parameters mentioned above at the Plants Input Mains & subsequent important feeders by power quality analyzers KRYCARD ALM 35 to identify the quantum of the disturbances along with the thres hold parameters Detailed scope will be decided depending on size and nature of installation

      Earth Resistance Testing

      The faults in any electrical system are unavoidable. Every Electrical Equipment, appliance system must be earthed or grounded to obtain a low resistance path for dissipation of current into the earth. Earthing plays an importance role in Electrical system for safe and proper operation of any electrical installation. our experience shows that, Earthing is generally neglected area of electrical installation, as operation of system is not immediately get stopped due to poor earthing In the field, The condition of earthing is generally poor and normally earth resistance, leakage current is not measured either because of prevailing tedious and time consuming method or due to the lack of availability of handy instrument, This negligence may lead to complex problem. Earth Resistance Testing, in Brief covers
      • Earth pit testing by Fall of Potential Method by Digital earth tester.
      • Equipments Earth resistance Measurements by using clamp on technology.
      • Electrical Consultancy

        We provide Electrical consultancy services for new installation and improvement in existing system, Electrical Services to Industries, Schools, Offices, Malls, Buildings. Electrical consultancy assignments cover
        • Preparation of Concept Note for Electrical System
        • Preparation of Single line diagram of electrical system
        • Preparation of Estimate for Electrical Installation work
        • Preparation of Layout for electrical Installation
        • Detailed scope will be decided depending on client’s requirement
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