Power Quality Audit

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Power Quality Audit

We are engaged in providing services into Power Quality Audit. We have Team of qualified Engineers & Technicians supported by Required number of man power on contractual basis who enjoy working in friendly environment. If required for specific specialized job, company takes support of experts in the field.

Power Quality Audit

Power quality is of major concern to all types of industries and commercial buildings, Data Centers, especially those operating with critical machinery and equipments. Poor Power quality leads to problems of Voltage Sag, Voltage Swell, Voltage Spike, Harmonic distortion, Voltage Unbalance etc. This in turn into leads to major problems like break-downs, Irratic behavior of equipment, production interruptions, excess energy consumption etc. Modern industries require automation of their operation enabling them to produce quality products and also for mass production. The conventional systems are being replaced by modern Power Electronic systems, bringing a variety of advantages to the users. Classic examples are DC & AC Drives, UPS, soft starters, etc. Since the Thyristor converter technology is rapidly gaining ground in the modern industrial plants, the power supply systems are contaminated as the ideal sinusoidal current and voltage waveforms are getting distorted. This in turn is affecting the performance of the equipment in the electrical network.

Power Quality Audit and correction, will result into Savings in energy bills due to reduced losses.

  • Accurate measurement by installed meters
  • Reduced kVA demand
  • Improved system efficiency
  • Better capacity utilisation of network
  • Better production rate and quality due to reduced interruptions
  • Reduction in equipment failures


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